Rolling Razor’s Revolution

Changing Shaving Forever?

Beyond the unique design, Rolling Razor claims to be a more natural way to shave. At first glance it doesn’t seem like it, but once we put one of these on for size, it was actually easier than holding a stick razor (so easy a kid could do it). The short distance between the handle and the blade aims to provide more control and more accuracy.

The razor blades are positioned in a con-caved style, so it doesn’t scratch or scrape the skin. What I did was basically “rolled” the razor against my skin (hence the name Rolling Razor). What caught my attention was the dual head feature. Basically it’s an optimal feature: you can use just one side till it dulls, and then switch to the other blade when you need a new one. Or you can use both heads to get a multidirectional shaving experience with the grain and against. The makers of the product understood that hair doesn’t grow in one direction. Hair grows sporadically all over the body. Therefore the design of the razor was not just intentional, but smart.


Another cool feature about Rolling Razor are the customizable blades they offer. Gillette and Schick are limited to one cartridge to suit 3-4 different skin types (not exactly ideal).

REGULAR: For skin types with minimal to no irritation (Closest Shave)

SENSITIVE: For skin with occasional irritation (Close Shave)

EXTRA SENSITIVE: For very sensitive skin with frequent irritation (Gentle Shave)

BUMP ELIMINATOR: For skin with severe irritation and prone to ingrown hairs (Extra Gentle Shave)

If you’re interested in trying out the new way to shave, you can find them on line at

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