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Is Technology Changing The Way We Mate Forever?

Has dating and ultimately relationships, and all it’s formalities of engagement become a synthesized experience due to high-tech communication? (Texting, IM’ing, Twittering, YouTubing, Skyping, and Facebooking) The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Talking...


Live Longer and Stronger

If you’re working out or looking for new ways to improve your health, learn what foods you can eat to transform your body in 3 weeks.


Tips on Slowing Down Hair Loss

It might be your imagination, or it may be a startling fact, either way the thought of losing your hair can feel like a big sabotage brought upon you by Mother Nature. Trust me, you’re not being cursed for past discretions, so before you lose it, learn about the general causes of hair loss, and some effective treatments that you can start to restore your hair, and prevent any further hair loss.


Mens Fashion Essentials

Fashion Trends come and go, but these 10 basic pieces will always keep you looking classic and in style.



A funny, horror, short video done as a parody on one of the most terrifying part from one of the scariest movies ever! called: “Hostel”. This short video feature the Rolling Razor as a...